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Progecad takes very long to qsave

Progecad is a new install and takes well over 10-20 minutes to do a qsave or a save, which makes it pretty unusable.  What can I do about this?  Also, it crashes every time I try to change one of the layout tabs.
asked 1 year ago in progeCAD by Tracker / Level: Drafter (148 points)
When you say it is a new install do you mean you recently downloaded progeCAD 2014 Professional from our website? Or are you using an older version? What is the CPU, Memory size, free hard disk space, and the operating system version you are using? Could this be a drawing created in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT? Try doing a recover or audit on the drawing and fix all errors.

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Yes, a recent purchase and download.  The pc is a ThinkPad 2.5Ghz CPU speed, 8GB RAM, and 378GB hard drive space available.  This problem has occurred in multiple drawings from different sources.  The drawing I am working in today is also giving me issues in AutoCAD 2012, so I suspect there are some AEC objects that are giving me a fit.  I have already purged, audited, AECextract, none of which has had any effect.  Using Windows Home Professional 7.  The ThinkPad is brand new, ProgeCAD was one of the first software packages to be installed on it.
answered 1 year ago by Tracker / Level: Drafter (148 points)
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After some discussion with Salvatore, I uninstalled the software, disabled my ESET NOD32 antivirus software, re-installed ProgeCAD.

Additional information after the re-installation of ProgeCad 2014 Pro:

I disabled the ESET NOD32 antivirus software, reinstalled ProgeCAD using the Windows Administrator account.
ProgeCAD has a much improved performance, 20 seconds versus 30 minutes for saving a drawing.
When I enabled the ESET NOD32, it did have a measurable effect on the program operation, but not too significant.

When I logged out of the Administrator account and into a User account, ProgeCAD is doing the same thing as before the re-install.
I went back into the Administrator account and changed the user account to be an administrator account, then logged off.  I logged back in with the user account (that is now an administrator account) and ProgeCAD seems to be working as it should now, although it is a little bit slower than autocad at saving a drawing.

Are there any file names that I can put into the ESET antivirus software to ignore or allow the processes?  I think this might take care of everything else that might be slowing it down.
answered 1 year ago by Tracker / Level: Drafter (148 points)
Another update-

I left ProgeCAD open in a drawing while I ran an errand.  Upon our return about an hour later, I am now experiencing the same thing as before.  ProgeCAD had crashed and had to be closed via task manager, and the drawing now takes several minutes (still trying to save) to save again.
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So far after an hour of just trying both profiles, different drawings, audits with zero errors, I am still having the exact same problems that I had before re-installing...
answered 1 year ago by Tracker / Level: Drafter (148 points)
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Dear Tracker,

to solve the unexpected behavior that you are experiencing, we suggest you to proceed with the progeCAD installation another time, after deactivating the ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus software.
Assure to open and close progeCAD once, after installing it another time, to save your settings, that otherwise are not maintained.

In addition, assure your Anti-Virus to give permissions to the icad.exe processes.

We look forward to receiving your feedback, and remain at your disposal when needed. Please forward it to the support@progecad.com email address. Thank you.

Best regards
answered 1 year ago by progeCAD / Level: Engineering Manager (3,668 points)
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It took a full 3 days to get those drawings into a workable package.  It seems that the biggest issue was that the drawings I was given were either corrupted or had TONS of AEC Objects embedded in them to the point that they were 3 days in the making to get rid of them.  Ultimately I had to do multiple, repeated purge, audit, and wblock processes to clean them up.  It would take 30 minutes or longer to save after running each command, and it took going back and forth between ProgeCAD and AutoCAD on another computer taking turns doing the same processes over and over before finally clearing the drawings up enough that they could be worked in.  The last step was to x-ref the background into a design drawing and work only in the design drawing.  When I couldn't copy paste from another drawing or even one layout to another layout in the same drawing, I would have to save the drawing, close AutoCAD, and reopen all over again.  I have never run into the issue with the inability to copy from one drawing to another with ProgeCAD.  Most of the time, when I needed to copy from one drawing or tab to another, I would have to do the work in ProgeCAD.  

All in all, ProgeCAD has been working very well with other drawings since this drawings disaster.  I did have similar problems with other drawings prior to this set of drawings, but I think it must have still had something to do with the AEC Objects.  I have learned that wblock, purge, and audit are by far the best commands ever!
answered 1 year ago by Tracker / Level: Drafter (148 points)

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