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Command input disappearing after panning or zooming in.

Whenever I pan or zoom on layout/paper space with the middle-mouse/scroll button, if I try and input a command immediately after panning/zooming the command input would disappear.

For example, I'll pan to a text box, attempt to enter "ED" only for the "E" or entire "ED" to disappear. Or I might try and draw a circle with the "C" input and that will disappear. Same goes for "ATE" to edit an attribute.

Basically, the first few letters of the input will disappear if I attempt to enter a command immediately after panning or zooming on layout/paper space.

This doesn't seem to happen in model space nor does it happen if I wait a small moment after panning or zooming. What can be done to fix this so I don't need to keep pausing before entering a command?

I've tried deleting the profile before and have done a few uninstalls but this problem persists. This problem was repeatable even on a new ProgeCAD DWG file so I don't believe a sample needs to be sent.

Steps for this problem again are:

1. Pan/zoom around layout/paper space using the middle-mouse/scroll button. NOT "P" pan command
2. Immediately attempt to enter any command, "ED", "ATE", C", "L", etc.

Thank you,

asked 1 year ago in progeCAD by Adam N / Level: CAD Student (60 points)

2 Answers

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Try turning off hardware acceleration. Go into tools->options, look for the display tab, then click the checkbox for hardware acceleration to turn it off. See if that does the trick.
answered 1 year ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)
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Hello Scott and thank you very much for the response. I've looked through the options and Hardware Acceleration was already disabled.
answered 1 year ago by Adam N / Level: CAD Student (60 points)

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