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I cannot start ProgoCAD

I installed the trial version of progoCAD 3 days ago and started evaluating it OK. Today, I installed a graphics card to replace the Intel on-board graphics that came with my Motherboard/Processor. Now I get the splash screen which invites me to run the trial but the program itself does not load.

Please advise
asked 1 year ago in progeCAD by RodW / Level: CAD Student (64 points)

3 Answers

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Go into the progeCAD Center (found under the Windows Start Menu, under the progeCAD menu entry), go to settings, then select hardware acceleration and turn that option off.

The chip on the graphics card seems to have compatibility problems with progeCAD. I imagine you have the latest drivers for the card. Can you give us the brand, model, and if possible, the graphics chips used on the card so we can examine the incompatibility and possibly include a fix in a future progeCAD Professional.
answered 1 year ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)
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Thanks for your response.
I discovered later that after closing the splash screen, the program had opened but, for some reason, was reduced to a small icon at the top left hand corner of my screen which is why I missed it the first time.
The program now opens without any problem so the new graphics card drivers do not appear to be a problem.

Many Thanks
answered 1 year ago by RodW / Level: CAD Student (64 points)
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Unfortunately, I couldn't follow your instructions of how to run ProgoCAD without hardware acceleration. I then discovered another problem where I was unable to close the LAYER dropdown menu because there where no OK, CANCEL or APPLY buttons. Then used ESC and the menu closed. However, when I opened it a second time, it did not respond to ESC and now occupies the ProgoCAD screen permanently.

If this is due to hardware acceleration being enabled, can you please run through the steps I need to take in WIN 7 Pro in more detail.
Please see attached 2 screen shots which illustrates the problem.

Should I still disable hardware accelaration or would my best plan be to re-install ProgoCAD?
answered 1 year ago by RodW / Level: CAD Student (64 points)

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