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progeCAD 8 - How to solve solids subtraction problem?

Using progeCAD Pro 8.0.22 on WinXP.

I have a situation where I create a 90 deg torus by revolving a circle around a line. I want this partial torus to subtract from another solid I have built up. When I do the subtraction I get no errors, but I also do not get the resulting subtraction.

I have tried deleting the torus, and re-creating it. I have tried closing the .dwg and re-opening. I have tried stopping progeCAD and re-starting. I tried updating from an older progeCAD 8 version to the latest 8.0.22 version.

This torus technique is working successfully on three other areas of the solid.

How can I solve this?


asked 4 years ago in progeCAD by bobc / Level: CAD Student (68 points)
I'm not sure and we haven't seen the drawing but could it be that the torus (technically can you call this a torus? It seems to be part of a torus but since we don't have any other descriptive words we can leave it as torus but perhaps tube is a better moniker?) is nested inside the solid without the end of the tube (torus) completely penetrating the skin of the solid. So your attempt to subtract might be working fine but you don't see the ends of the torus penetrating the skin? I might be imagining the incorrect geometry but it sounds as if you were making some sort of manifold that has tubes running at right angles through the object. Is that correct?

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I solved it by creating a 1/2 circle, joining a line to it (forming a D) and revolving it. I am not sure why the original construct failed. But I'm moving on with this fix.

The "tube" is to subtract an o-ring groove from a plate.

Thanks for your help!

answered 4 years ago by bobc / Level: CAD Student (68 points)

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