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SOLPROF only works well in an isometric view, why?

I am trying to create 2D manufacturing drawings from my 3D model.  I've found SOLPROF is used in ProgeCAD, but it doesn't work well with orthographic views.  If i tip the model a little, SOLPROF works well.
asked 1 year ago in progeCAD by Bamac26 / Level: CAD Student (88 points)

2 Answers

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The very same thing happens in flatshot command, expect it only works marginally in top and bottom views and not at all in R,L,F,B.  In Iso view it works very well though.
answered 1 year ago by Bamac26 / Level: CAD Student (88 points)
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Dear progeCAD Customer,

different commands are available, in progeCAD 2016 Professional, to extract data from the 3D model:

1. FLATSHOT: creates a 2D block of the selected objects, as a projection on the XY plane

2. FLATTEN: creates a 2D representation of the selected objects, with reference to the current view (parallel to the XY plane)

3. SOLPROF: directly projects the 3D objects

We look forward to receiving your feedback.
To be able to further assist you, when needed, we'd like you to send us a sample copy of an interested drawing, together with the complete list of steps to follow, to clearly focus your report.
Please forward these to the support@progecad.com email address. We will be able, after receiving them, to provide you further instructions. Thank you.

Best Regards
answered 1 year ago by progeCAD / Level: Engineering Manager (3,728 points)

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