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Best practice for editing solids?

I have some cylindrical grooves that I created in a solid block by subtraction. Now I've decided I don't need the grooves. I was thinking I would just union a block to those areas and "cover" the grooves. I wonder if this is the best way of doing it? Could that clutter the file with solid remnants that could affect future operations, such as creating a die cast mold?

I appreciate your help!

asked 5 years ago in progeCAD by bobc / Level: CAD Student (68 points)
That's an excellent question. I can tell you that if you simply cover over the grooves it will affect the overall physical properties of the final product such as weight, tensile strength, moment of inertia, etc. Will it be enough of a factor to modify a property that will affect the durability or performance of the particular part? Only you can answer that. But if you work for an airplane manufacturer I would not want to bet on the part if it were in those engines... :0  I think if you were to do a union you might want to build the original geometry onto the object, the same geometry that you subtracted from the block and union that together. There are probably as many "correct" answers to your question as there are users out there so perhaps one of them could help answer Bob's question... Anyone?

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My problem is, I'm too inexperienced with progeCAD to know if it's possible to select an element of a solid (cylindrical groove) and somehow delete it? I studied the obvious commands that I could find (Separate, Delete Faces, etc) but none seem appropriate for 'undoing" a previous union.

So, maybe the best I can do is to union a half-cylinder in the grooves, and call that good?


answered 5 years ago by bobc / Level: CAD Student (68 points)

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